OneNote with new Windows 11 look

Microsoft is set to merge OneNote Windows 10 App and OneNote Desktop which comes with Office and gives it a new Windows 11 look.

Below are mock-ups of both apps and their new Windows 11 look.

What’s coming?

  • Microsoft is merging both apps and transitioning them together – so there’ll not be a 3rd app.
  • On a clean Windows 11 install there will be no OneNote Windows 10 App.
  • OneNote Desktop (Microsoft is starting to refer to it now as OneNote App) comes with Office and your Microsoft 365 subscription, but is also available for free to download:
  • All existing functionality in the OneNote Desktop (OneNote App), such as local notebook support, will continue to be supported on future updated versions according to Microsoft.

The New Windows 11 Look

OneNote gets the Office visual refresh which is based on the Fluid Design principles and will shine on the new Windows 11 OS, but will also be available to anyone using Windows 10.

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