About Us

“We help people and organizations be more productive with less effort”

Auscomp is an eCommerce company from Australia.   Our passion is creating awesome products and solutions specifically designed to help save organizations and individuals precious time, money and resources.   It’s home to one of the world’s biggest collection of Templates for OneNote.


Creating online assets … not expenses!


  • Over 28 years in business (Est. 1993).
  • Customers in over 110  countries.
  • 8000+ customers. 1.5 Million Users.
  • 18% of Global Fortune 500 companies & 50 Universities have purchased Auscomp’s software (in 5 languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian & German).
  • Auscomp.com was ranked the 75th most popular developer site in the world by “100Hot.”
  • Our “1st JAVA Navigator” won ZDNet’s Best Web Development Tool (edging out Napster and Go!Zilla) out of over 50,000 other apps & tools – so we took a trip to Tampa, Florida, USA to receive our prize.

Survivors of

  • “Y2K”  Bug
  • “dot com” Crash
  • “GFC” – Global Financial Crisis

Some customers who bought products & services over the 28+ years

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