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“We help people and organizations be more productive with less effort”

Auscomp is an eCommerce company from Australia.   Our passion is creating awesome products and solutions specifically designed to help save organizations and individuals precious time, money and resources.   It’s home to one of the world’s largest collections of Templates for OneNote, and soon to be home to an exciting collection of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for blockchain.

Auscomp's History


Next …

Next …
The new chapter is the exciting world of blockchain, NFT’s and cryptocurrency! Now Auscomp’s up and coming team of young talents have embarked on another extremely exciting new venture which will be revealed soon … so watch this space!

Current – Templates for OneNote

Current – Templates for OneNote
We’ve created one of the world’s largest collections of “Templates” plus many “Tips & Tricks” for OneNote (included with Microsoft’s Office Suite) – saving you valuable time, money and resources. The collection consists of literally HUNDREDS of FREE and PRO templates ranging from Planners, KanBan Task Boards, Productivity Tools, Diaries to Self-Improvement … to name just a few.

Auscomp Fort Knox

Auscomp Fort Knox
2008 was the year we released Auscomp Fort Knox – a secure online vault for individuals to centrally organize and manage any personal and business data using the latest technology and security.

Auscomp eNavigator Suite, SmartLogin & IT Commander

Auscomp eNavigator Suite, SmartLogin & IT Commander
With the Y2K bug resolved we set about releasing three new products: Auscomp eNavigator Suite – a complete navigation system which could be easily implemented into any website or Intranet. Auscomp Smart Login – for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Auscomp IT Commander – an online help desk system with integration into Outlook.

Early Internet & 1st Java Navigator

Early Internet & 1st Java Navigator
The internet was in its infancy (then often referred to as the “Superhighway”) so Auscomp then set about developing the first commercial Java applet “1st JAVA Navigator” for website navigation which sold rapidly in over 110 countries … and ultimately went on to win us the “Best Web Development Tool” in the prestigious ZD Net’s 7th Annual Shareware Awards.    With no secure servers or payment gateways available back in 1995, we needed to design and code our very own in order to sell our software online and process credit cards securely – the banks didn’t do electronic transactions like that back then!    So effectively, we became part of the development of the emerging eCommerce evolution.  We still have our very first USD $20 note which was posted to us in a frame in the office!


Founded in 1993 in Melbourne, Auscomp has always remained at the forefront of emerging technologies.   With over 28 years’ experience, we’ve become extremely good at changing, moving, and adapting to the future. Initially we consulted to Government (Treasury Corporation of Victoria and Monash University). We also did many other projects and custom software solutions across all sectors including Finance, Legal, Education, Health, Agriculture, Retail … and many more before moving into our what later became known as eCommerce with our own software creations. We’ve build up a supremely trusted team of hand-picked IT professionals with a huge, combined variety of advanced skills from all over Europe and Australia (we have very strong European links with two of the Directors hailing from Vienna, Austria and London, England).   We’ve been working very happily with these guy’s now for well over 28 years and wouldn’t trade them for the world!


Creating online assets … not expenses!


  • Over 28 years in business (Est. 1993).
  • Customers in over 110  countries.
  • 8000+ customers. 1.5 Million Users.
  • 18% of Global Fortune 500 companies & 50 Universities have purchased Auscomp’s software (in 5 languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian & German).
  • Auscomp.com was ranked the 75th most popular developer site in the world by “100Hot.”
  • Our “1st JAVA Navigator” won ZDNet’s Best Web Development Tool (edging out Napster and Go!Zilla) out of over 50,000 other apps & tools – so we took a trip to Tampa, Florida, USA to receive our prize.

Survivors of

  • “Y2K”  Bug
  • “dot com” Crash
  • “GFC” – Global Financial Crisis

Some customers who bought products & services over the 28+ years

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