Company Wiki powered by OneNote

Build a transparent company culture so everyone understands how your company works

A company Wiki is a one-stop knowledge center for knowledge sharing and answering the most common and pressing questions your employees may have.

If you use Microsoft 365 then  every employee has already OneNote – just add this template and you have a company wiki ready made.

Knowledge is power

Avoid knowledge loss and bring all of your company’s knowledge into a single place so every employee can access, create or edit content.

Use this OneNote template to easily create your own knowledge hub.

Knowledge with the power of OneNote

Company Wiki includes the following:

  • Get Started

    Step by step guide

  • Company Welcome Page

    Your company wiki overview and welcome page

  • Wiki Example

    OneNote FAQ and How to’s are used to show you a wiki example

  • Help and Support Section

    Your company help and support hub for all your manuals and guides. With “How to article” and “Troubleshooting article” templates.

  • Private & Secure

    Peace of mind with Office 365 security and data integrity

  • Powerful Search

    Find knowledge quickly and easily.

  • Policies and Guidelines

    Your company hub for all your polices and procedures. With “Policies & Guidelines” template. There are also 3 templates to create “Standard Operation Procedures” (SOP).

  • HR Section

    The Employee corner with an “Employee Handbook” template to get you started.

  • Notes Section

    Collect and create notes

  • Ideas Section

    Capture and develop ideas company-wide.

Knowledge at your Fingertips - Anytime, Anywhere & On Any Device


    • Knowledge transfer
    • Avoiding knowledge loss if an employee leaves
    • Onboard new employees faster
    • Everyone knows how the company works
    • Spend less time searching with a search that really works – fast
    • Capture everything in one place
    • Reference, don’t re-create
    • Centralize and organize all your existing resources securely
    • Save time with templates

What People Say


IT Manager

Our company wiki reduced the help desk calls by over 50%. Paid itself many times over already – thanks for a great template and instructions.

Our small company has a couple of core people. It was easy to get started using this template to built a company wiki which will ensure that knowledge loss is avoided. 

A company Wiki makes everyone's job easier

If you use Microsoft 365 then start creating your Wiki now

Company WiKi – Preview

Get started

Step by Step Guide

Simple steps to get you up and running fast.

Screenshots of “Get Started” shown in OneNote Online and OneNote 2016

Welcome employees to the Wiki and solicit involvement

Company Welcome Page

Knowledge Management starts here

See how its done

Example Wiki Section

OneNote FAQ’s and How to’s used to show an example Wiki section and pages

Create standards and values

Policies and Guidelines Section

Section overview page. Policies overview with Policies and Guidelines Template. Standard Operation Procedures overview and 3 templates.

Get help fast when you need it

Help and Support Section

Section overview page. Manuals overview page and How-to Article template. Guides overview page and Troubleshooting Article template.

Employee Corner

HR Section

Section overview page. Employee Handbook template.

Find Knowledge Fast

Power Search

Find anything, instantly.

Capture Knowledge and Ideas Easily

Notes and Ideas Sections

A workspace to achieve great things.

A company Wiki makes everyone's job easier

If you use Microsoft 365 then start creating your Wiki now

Bundle & Save

Business Suite

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