Import / Installation Instructions for our Free & PRO Templates

If you use OneNote 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 for Windows you are good to go! Otherwise it’s easy just use the Online Importer – See below for instructions.

Everyone without fail should be able to install our Free & PRO templates – You can download a “Test Template” here to make sure it works for you!

All our templates and solutions are OneNote Notebooks and will work on any devices supported by OneNote.

After you’ve received the link and downloaded your zip file, import/install the template notebooks by either of the following methods:

Import using OneNote 2016  for Windows
Video (Best watched using full screen)

Steps to Import:

  1. Extract the Zip File into “Documents > OneNote Notebooks” on your hard disk.
  2. Then open the Notebook directory (eg: “KanBan Task Board (Pro)” or whatever the template/notebook you download was called).
  3. Double click on “Open Notebook” file to start the import.


Double click on each section to start the import.


  1. Create a new notebook in OneNote naming it “KanBan” or “GTD” or whatever you wish to call it. You could also use an existing notebook if you prefer.
  2. Then import the templates and sections:
      • Use “File > Open”
      • Open from other locations > This PC
      • Browse to the directory where you unzipped the files.
      • Under “File name” there is a drop down box which shows “OneNote Table of Contents” … select “OneNote Sections”.
      • Now the sections are showing – select “Get Started” first and click Open.
      • Now do this with the other sections also.

NOTE: If you want to share & sync your notebook you need to make sure that it is located on your OneDrive or Sharepoint.

To move the notebook from your local drive. In OneNote use FileShare, and then follow the instructions.

Steps to Import:

  1. Extract the Zip File into a directory on your hard disk (Windows or Mac).
  2. In any modern Web browser, go to the OneNote Notebook Importer.
    Note: Importing notebooks is not supported in Windows Internet Explorer. We recommend using Edge or Chrome for Windows and Mac.
  3. On the screen that opens, click Import.
  4. On your computer, navigate to the location of your notebook folder (see Step 1), click to select it, and then click Open to import it.

Note: Exporting and importing notebooks through OneNote for the web works only for notebooks stored on Personal OneDrive accounts. Later on you can move the notebook or sections between accounts (see here how) or use OneNote with multiple accounts (see here how).

Sign up for a free personal OneDrive account as shown here. Then use this account to import each notebook into your personal account using the online importer.

If the import process begins but then appears not to finish:

  • You are not signed into a Personal OneDrive account – see above.
  • or you using a Mac with Safari as browser (Some version have issues). To solve it install the Chrome browser and import again.
  • or your OneDrive account might be low on available space. Manually delete any unnecessary files from your OneDrive storage (including any failed notebook uploads) and then try importing the notebook folder again.

For more information see “Export and import OneNote notebooks (Microsoft Support Page )”

Microsoft Business Account Users

Here are 3 simple steps you need to choose from in order to use the templates with your MS Business Account:

  1. SHARE:
    Install the templates/notebook into your personal account as per instructions above, then go to your personal account OneDrive, and share it with your Business Account (May not works always).
  1. BOTH:
    Alternatively, install the templates/notebook into your Personal Account as per instructions, then sign into both your Personal and Business Accounts. You can now access the templates from your Personal Account, and your other business notebooks from your Business Account.
    If you want to move the templates/notebook into your Business Account. Then follow step 2 so you’re signed into both your Personal and Business Accounts in your OneNote. Then open the notebook from your Personal Account, create a new notebook under your Business Account and copy each section from the notebook over to the new notebook.

Note: After importing the templates/notebooks can be used with any OneNote on any device (ie: OneNote Online, OneNote 2016, 2013 & 2010, OneNote for Windows 10, Mac, Android & iOS).

News: Microsoft announced in November 2019 that OneNote 2016 Desktop version will not be going away. In 2020 it will be included in the Office 365 Pro installations. Read news here

Will the templates work for me?

Download the Test Template/Notebook and follow the import instructions above to double-check that the templates work for you.

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