Cannot edit notebook because it’s in archive mode (Read only).

If you get this message then the notebook is not located on OneDrive or has been manually copied to OneDrive.

  1. Did you manually move or save the *.One file to OneDrive?

    If yes, you may save the file locally and use the share option in OneNote to save the Notebook on OneDrive.

    You may follow the steps below to share the file in OneDrive.

    Open OneNote, click on File> Share and the save the notebook on OneDrive

  2. Another option is to close all the notebooks in OneNote.

    Click the Show Notebooks icon.

    In the list of notebooks, right-click on the notebook name you want to close.

    On the menu that appears, click Close This Notebook. Repeat the steps to close all the notebooks. (Note: Before closing, please make sure the changes are synced successfully)

    Quit OneNote

    Sign in to OneDrive or OneDrive for business

    Open the notebook in OneNote online and click Open in OneNote.

    After re-opening the notebooks, check if you can edit the notebook now.

  3. Another options is to copy the Sections into a new Notebook:

    Open OneNote, then open a Notebook. For example, open Notebook, ‘New Notebook’.

    With the original Section already open, right-click on the original Section’s tab and select ‘Move or Copy…’ from the context menu.

    In the ‘Move or Copy Section’ window, click on the ‘New Notebook’ to select the copy destination.

    From Windows Explorer, delete the original Section.

  4. In OneNote 2016 (You can downloaded here:  )

    Choose the Export option from the file menu.

    Select format as “OneNote 2010-2013 Section (*.one)” after that press Export button to continue.

    Select the destination path for storing the OneNote file.

    Now open the OneNote “.one” file.

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