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After you received the download link and downloaded the zip file.

  1. Extract Zip File into a directory on your hard disk.
  2. Then create a new notebook in OneNote naming it “Intranet” (Make sure you create it on OneDrive) .  You could also use an existing notebook if you prefer.

Next import the sections by:

Double clicking on each section (eg: “Get Started”) to import it into the current open Intranet notebook.

Eight simple steps

And your Intranet is ready to be used by all employees
  1. Step:  Start by modifying the dashboard
  2. Step:  Then update the staff directory
  3. Step:  Create your projects and tasks
  4. Step:  Add your clients
  5. Step:  Update your booking facilities
  6. Step:  Develop your WiKi by creating the first articles
  7. Step:  Review Kudos and update it
  8. Step:  Start sharing/inviting employees (you can share it with up to the number licensed)

Bought it yesterday, what a great gem! Today all 4 in our small adviser firm are using it already … one from the home office and one on the road – Thanks



Finally! No hunting, asking or pestering for all the logins. Also peace of mind if somebody leaves the company.

An Intranet powered by OneNote

This fully customizable Intranet portal brings together top-quality productivity and organizational features creating a beautiful intranet platform to fit your business needs.

Fast – Simple – Secure.

At a Glance

  • Dashboard

    All company information at-a-glance

  • Stop Press

    Latest news, announcements and notices

  • Events

    List of all important upcoming events

  • Links

    One central place for all links

  • WiKi

    Wiki the knowledge base and information collection hub

  • Staff Directory

    Staff list, contractors and other key people

  • Clients

    All Customer information in one central place

  • Safety Box

    Secure central place for all your Email, Social Media, Website, Hosting, Domain Registration, Apple, Microsoft etc ... account id's & passwords

  • Project Management

    Manage all projects & tasks either for yourself or your teams

  • Facility Booking

    Book or see availability of board and meeting room

  • Ideas Box

    Let staff submit ideas and suggestions

  • Kudos

    Peer to peer employee recognition and management awards

All company information securely accessed by employees, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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