Intranet powered by OneNote

A digital information hub & workspace

This fully customizable Intranet portal brings together top-quality productivity and organizational features creating a powerful and intuitive intranet platform which is very easy to use. Anyone using it becomes more productive and its cost effectiveness makes it perfect for sole-traders, freelancers and small businesses.

Best of all, make it your own by customizing it to your needs.

Keep work organized and simplify everyday business activities

Centralize your company information to create – manage – organize – find – share – collaborate.

Intranet in a box is designed to effectively manage and re-purpose content that leads to accelerated business processes.

A workspace for the 21st century

Intranet in a Box Version 3 – All everyday activities and more covered. It includes the following:

  • Dashboard

  • Stop Press

  • Events

  • Social Media

  • Document Management

  • Quick Powerful Search

  • Safety Box

  • Links

  • WiKi

  • Branding Asset Library

  • Project Management

  • Ideas Box

  • Facility Booking

  • Clients

  • Staff Directory

  • Marketing Plan

Intranet in a box is perfect for freelancers, sole-traders or small companies that do not have the resources for complex IT systems … especially if you are already using OneNote!

Version 3 with more project management templates, branding asset library and marketing plan – all for the same great price!

All company information securely accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device.


      • Improves communication
      • Everything at your fingertips
      • Reduces emails and meetings
      • Provides organizational clarity
      • Encourages knowledge sharing
      • Reinforces your brand and values
      • Brings your workplace culture to life
      • Improves employee engagement
      • Better organization
      • More productivity – Work better and faster
      • Saves time, resources and money

What People Say

Bought it yesterday, what a great gem! Today all 4 in our small adviser firm are using it already … one from the home office and one on the road – Thanks



Finally! No hunting, asking or pestering for all the logins. Also peace of mind if somebody leaves the company.

I use OneNote for lot’s of note keeping – now I’m much better organized.


SME Owner

WOW! A perfect example what technology can do for your business.

Feel confident

  • Fully Customizable

    Unlimited possibilities to customize to your needs

  • Compliant

    All OneNote notebooks are private & secure

  • Secure

    Data encryption at rest and in transit

  • Cost Effective

    Reduced time to benefit

  • Always Up-To-Date

    Real-time synced across all platforms & devices

  • Easy to Use

    Familiar Office365 environment

Pricing everyone can afford

One-time payment. Perpetual license + support.

Intranet for:

Security & data integrity

Peace of mind!

Knowing that your data is in the  the right place with the right privacy, legal protection, encryption & jurisdiction nowadays is more important than ever!

Read here about how your data is safeguarded by the Microsoft Office 365 framework.

Risk mitigating benefits

  • Future proof
  • Always up to date
  • Stable
  • Secure
  • No ongoing costs

Why should I use it?

If you are a freelancer or a small company and  do not have the resources to create and maintain complex IT systems, then using OneNote (which comes free with, and runs on, the secure MS Office 365 platform) and our Intranet solution makes perfect sense.

It’s very easy to use, it’s secure and it’s cheap. It does a great job to collaborate,  effectively centralize, manage and re-purpose content which leads to greatly accelerated business processes.

Take Your Business To the Next Level

Intranet in a Box. Easy to Use & Manage - Safe & Secure - Cheap & Economical.

Intranet – Preview

Designed to be customized to match the way you work

Note: Screenshots are shown in OneNote Online or OneNote 2016. Intranet in a box after installation will work with any OneNote on any supported devices.

Simplify access to all your business data


All company information at a glance on a single, standardized platform.

Everything Organized

No more wasting time searching for your most up to date information.

Be in control

Projects + Tasks

Manage all projects and tasks for yourself or your teams.

Project templates included

  • Project Template

  • Project Example (Implement Intranet)

  • S.W.O.T Analyses

  • Project Schedule

  • Project Status Report

  • Project Meeting Minutes

Find anything, instantly

Quick Power Search

OneNote can search typed text, handwritten notes, and words that appear in inserted images.

Easy results navigation

Every part is fully searchable – making it easy to find content and files in an instant.

Centralized & up-to-date client information

Standardize client information

Client and contacts data management standardized to avoid double entry and outdated or lost information.

Always up-to-date

Synced in real time on all your devices.

Safeguard your data

Safety Box

Your secure password and license management.

A central place for all your sensitive data

Email, Social Media, Website, Hosting, Domain Registration, Apple, Microsoft etc … account ID’s & passwords.

Harness the power of an idea & suggestions box

Ideas and Suggestion Box

Collect ideas and suggestions easily.

Drive innovation

Real time feedback and commenting on ideas.

Simplify facility booking


Manage availability of any facilities or resources.

Schedule and manage

See what’s available and avoid double booking.

Your social media hub

Social Media

All your social media accounts listed and linked.

One place for all your accounts

Accessible from your dashboard on all devices anytime anywhere.

Create a culture of thanks


A peer to peer employee recognition and management solution.

Improve staff performance

Staff recognition enhances employee engagement and team communication.

Marketing is for all business – big or small

Marketing Plan

A one sheet marketing plan that outlines the basic marketing components of your mission, target market offerings, pricing, distribution and communication.

Digital Asset Management

The Branding Asset Library

One central place for your organisation’s logo, brand images and branding guide.

Good management

An asset library is essential for good asset management.

Knowledge is power


Harness the power of your own centralized Wiki.

Create and collaborate

An information collection hub for information relevant for you and your organization.

Find any document with the click of a button

Document Management

Corporate, financial, legal, human resources, policies, procedures, forms, manuals, handbooks, marketing documents and sales reports.

Categorized, indexed and centralized

Harness OneNote’s powerfull search to find documents with ease.

Take Your Business To the Next Level

Intranet in a Box. Easy to Use & Manage - Safe & Secure - Cheap & Economical.

Bundle & Save

Business Suite

The Modern Workspace powered by OneNote

One-time payment. Perpetual license + support.

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