Calendars & Planners

Collection of ready made perpetual calendars & planners for OneNote

OneNote doesn’t include Calendars!

Here are Calendars & Planners ready made saving you hours to create them yourself. Version 4 now with 15 more planners.

Save Precious Time …

Great Looking Calendars & Planners

OneNote Ready Made Calendars & Planners

Calendar & Planner Notebook includes 28 templates:

  • Calendars

    • Expenses @ a Glance
    • Birthdays @ a Glance
    • Landscape
    • Portrait
    • Recurring Expenses
    • Bills Organizer
    • Weekly Editable
    • Weekly Time
    • Weekly Chores & Responsibilities
    • Weekly Chores for Kids
    • Daily Time
  • Planners

    • 7 Daily Planners (Monday – Sunday)
    • 7 One Day At A Time Planners (Monday – Sunday)
    • Organize Your Day Planner

28 Calendars & Planners Preview

Organize Your Day

Daily Planners

Annual Expenses at a Glance

Annual Perpetual Calendar

Annual Birthdays at a Glance

Annual Calendar Landscape

Annual Calendar Portrait

Annual Recurring Expenses

Monthly Bills Organizer

Weekly Editable Calendar

Weekly Time Calendar

Weekly Chores or Responsibilities for Kids

Weekly Chores for Little Kids

Weekly Chores for Kids

Daily Time Calendar

One Day At A Time

Use ready made planners & calendars, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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Office Admin

Would have taken me at least a day to create all of them 🙂



Thanks so much. The calendars are lovely and helpful.

Save Time with Ready Made Calendars & Planners

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