Get Things Done – Stop Starting … Start Finishing

Manage your time & be more productive with GTD for OneNote

The pro version includes templates & guides for weekly reviews like clean & catch up, brain dumps & triggers so you can reflect on your progress. The package also has templates for fun & financial as well as short & long term goals. So you can prioritize your tasks and Get Things Done (GTD).

Get Things Done PRO if you want to do more

Discover the Simplicity of Stress-Free Productivity

Keep track of ongoing goals related to finance, health, work, sport & family

Be more productive with weekly reviews

Set a routine to dedicate time every week using these templates & guides to:

  • Clean & Catch Up
  • Brain Dump & Triggers
  • Review & Reflect

Easily manage projects (Using the predefined template)

Also Includes – Cornell Note Taking Templates

5 templates to record, organize and use the notes when you do research or learning.

Bonus collection of 32 ready made planners & calendars

Discover the Simplicity of Stress-Free Productivity

Get Things Done PRO - Incl. Bonus Planners & Calendars

Stop Starting and Start Finishing!

Get Things Done for OneNote is easy to install and includes the following:

  • Get Started

    Step by step guide to get you up and running

  • This Week

    Weekly template for your goals and tasks

  • Ongoing Tasks & Goals

    Your tasks for your finance, sport, work, family and health goals organized

  • Project Template

    Link your tasks to your projects using this predefined template

  • Weekly Review - Clean & Catch Up

    A good weekly review is vital to be more productive. Start with the house cleaning template

  • Weekly Review - Brain Dump & Triggers

    Template to jot down anything related to Home & Family, Upcoming Events & Meetings, Errands, Hobbies & Fun, Health & Wellbeeing and your Bucket List

  • Weekly Review - Review & Reflect

    What went well? What could be adjusted? What you should stop, continuing or start doing

  • Cornell Note Taking (New in V4)

    A method of recording, organizing and using the notes you take when you do research or learning.


  • Templates are distributed in easy to install OneNote Notebooks and instantly delivered via email. 
  • The notebook structure can be customized to fit the specific needs of any user and their work environment.


Heard a lot about GTD. This template got me going in a flash … thank’s Auscomp.


HR Manager

KanBan plus GTD for just $18.95 … what a great, helpful combination.

The weekly review helps me stay on top of everything. Quick simple and easy.



Bought it … no excuses anymore not to finish what I have started.


Office Admin

Always wanted to do a bucket list! Now I have one and started also on Friends to re-connect & Books to read .

Get Things Done. Anywhere, anytime and on any device.


    • Less Stress
    • Feel of Being in Control
    • Gives Freedom of Choice
    • Making & Keeping Commitments
    • Empowerment & Focus
    • Better Organization
    • More Productivity
    • Tracking of Goals
    • Improves Creativity

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