Vacation Organizer powered by OneNote


    • More time away
    • Increased happiness
    • Stress-Free planning – Avoid having forgotten something very important
    • Helps finding information
    • Custom itinerary planning
    • Excitement – From the moment you start getting organized
    • No regrets and missing out
    • Better organization
    • Saving time & money

Secure access for you and your travel party anywhere & anytime to all the information you may need on your trip

Lost your passport? Credit card been stolen?

What People Say


Working Mum

It’s comforting knowing I have access to all the information I need on my phone or over the internet.

Going on a cruise. Nappies, pram, passports … the list goes on and on. With OneNote it’s at least in one place and accessible from all our devices.

Plan your vacation to have more control over time, activities, and costs.

We’ve created the ultimate travel organizer for planning your vacation end-to-end.

It’s your vacation … don’t ruin it with bad organization!

A notebook packed with info, checklists, planners & tips – all in all 6 sections and 29 pages.

Best of all you can use it again and again …

  • Travel Preparation

    Templates, check lists, planners and info to prepare weeks before, days before & on the travel day itself

  • Docs and Info

    Info, planners and check lists for travel members, documents, money, tickets & bookings

  • Packing List

    Packing lists for clothes, toiletries, medications & gadgets

  • Places to go, things to see & do

    Research and collect information about all the places you want to go and see. Day planner templates (Morning, Midday, Evening & Hourly).

  • Travel tips

    Travel tips collected from all over the globe.

  • Get Started & OneNote Tips

    Readme to get started with your template and OneNote Help, FAQ & Tips

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