KanBan Task Board – Visualize your Tasks, To-Do’s and Projects in OneNote

Be more productive. Save time & money.

Auscomp KanBan is a workflow visualization tool that has been adapted for OneNote. It enables you to optimize the flow of your work. 

The pro version makes things clearer and you become more efficient. It lets you group tasks into swimlanes and link tasks to project pages with the easy to use template. You can also modify the board column labels to suit your needs and highlight tasks using the extra symbols and images.

Version 4 – More value same low price! 

KanBan Board PRO if you want to do more


    • More Productivity
    • Better Organization
    • Increased Output
    • Versatility
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Empowerment
    • Saving Time & Money


Long Term

What people say



Trying to use OneNote for projects and tasks? This template get’s you organized in ways you didn’t think you can use OneNote! It’s a no-brainer and a time saver!!! 



So nice and so simple. Better still, I don’t need any new software as I use OneNote all the time.



Use it to keep on top of all tasks a mother has todo. Use the swimlanes to organize my 3 kids and husband 🙂

I get things done that have been waiting forever to be done.

Love it. Greetings from Sweden.


HR Manager

KanBan plus Calendars for just $15.95 … what a great, helpful combination.

I get projects and new ideas actually done now 🙂

Learn with handy PRO OneNote Tips

Achieve more by setting SMART Goals – in PRO

People who set SMART goals are more likely to reach their goals. Set your SMART goals with a how to guide, example & template.

Organize effortlessly

Group by categories or projects (Swimlanes) in PRO

Stylish visualization of tasks (New in PRO V4)

Our unique OneNote task cards are styled to highlight title, show description, symbols, who’s task it is and due date. You can even use images and attach files.  20+ Style cards to choose from.

20+ Card styles to suit your needs or tasks you need to complete

KanBan Boards for every workflow – 13 additional to choose (New in PRO V4)

Track progress with sub-tasks

Breaking tasks into workable sub-tasks lets you track progress separately. You can also include attachments and images on the sub-task page.

Link tasks to projects (Using the predefined Template in PRO)

Highlight tasks using symbols & images – in PRO

KanBan the no.1 productivity tool for visualizing tasks

KanBan Task Board Notebook includes :

  • Get Started

    Step by step guide to get you up and running fast!

  • KanBan Task Board

    The default KanBan Task Board

  • 50 Symbols

    Highlight tasks with font awesome symbols

  • 20+ Extra Task Card Styles

    Stylish visualization of tasks with 20+ cards to choose from

  • 13 Different Task Board Types

    KanBan Task Board templates for everyone, including Day-to-day & time-planner, Personal, HR and Sales boards

  • Project Template

    Link your tasks to your projects using this predefined template

  • Smart Goals

    Template, guide and example

  • 100 Images

    Highlight your tasks with this image library

Visualize your Tasks and To-Do's

KanBan PRO Only $15.95 - Incl. Bonus Planners & Calendars

Bonus collection of 28 ready made planners & calendars

  • Daily Planners
  • Expenses @ a Glance
  • Birthdays @ a Glance
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Bills Organizer
  • Weekly Editable
  • Weekly Time
  • Weekly Chores & Responsibilities
  • Weekly Chores for Kids
  • Daily Time
  • Organize Your Day Planner
  • One Day At A Time Planners

Visualize your tasks and to-do's. Anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Visualize your Tasks and To-Do's

KanBan PRO Only $15.95 - Incl. Bonus Planners & Calendars

Why not bundle & save?

PRO Booster Home – Package

5 Notebooks with 50+ Templates

Mega Bundle

23 Notebooks with 100s of Templates

PRO Lifestyle – Package

6 Notebooks with 70+ Templates

PRO Booster Work – Package

7 Notebooks with 70+ Templates

Team Booster – Package

8 Notebooks with 90+ Templates

Business Suite

11 Notebooks with 100+ Templates

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