First Aid Guides for OneNote & in PDF Format

If you’re using OneNote at home or at work, these guides can help you make the right decision in an emergency!

The guides are available in OneNote or PDF format.

When every second counts!

First Aid – Emergency Guides to help you remember the basics of what to do in the event of:

Resuscitation / CPR, Stroke, Asthma Attack, Burns / Scalds & Soft Tissue Injuries.

All guides have been compiled from validated information in the public domain,
then put together in a standard and easy to remember format for use within OneNote

CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)


You’re at your desk working on that all important document when the person next to you suddenly collapses.

Would you know what to do?

In the stress of the moment it’s easy to forget what to do next.  That’s why we’ve put together some very BASIC GUIDES right there next to you where you’re working – so immediately visible and accessible to help remind you.



Precious and very valuable time could be saved if you could recognize some of the signs of a colleague or someone suffering a stroke.  Would you remember roughly what you could do to help?


These FIRST AID – BASIC EMERGENCY GUIDES help you to recognize what might be happening – so you can act more quickly and maybe even potentially help minimise the risk of more permanent damage.



Witnessing someone having an asthma attack can be scary … so imagine what they’re going through!


These FIRST AID – BASIC EMERGENCY GUIDES remind you of what you could potentially do to to help someone during an asthma attack.

Burns & Scalds


Would you know what to do when someone gets a burn or scald?  Immediate action’s needed.


These FIRST AID – EMERGENCY GUIDES are right next to you when you need them and when time is of the essence.

Soft Tissue Injuries


All too often wounds occur for all sorts of reasons – open and closed ones. Would you know what to do?


These FIRST AID – EMERGENCY GUIDES would remind you of some of the things you could do to help.

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When every second counts!

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Just reading it on the phone when waiting for the train, makes me realize how much I forgot since my first aid course.

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