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Store information for yourself and all your family members.


You can store all the information for yourself and your spouse.


Store details for one person.

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Just storing all my logins and membership details is a God send … the rest is a bonus 🙂


Self Employed

You don’t realize how much stuff you have until you start.

Secure access for you, your spouse or family members anywhere, anytime and from any device

It’s your data … take control of it 🙂

Organize and mange your life’s physical and digital footprint in OneNote

So everything can be quickly and easily visualized, found and managed.

Our template helps to organize your assets in an tried, tested and proven way. We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you in getting structure so you don’t forget anything. Now all you have to do is choose which edition you want (Singles, Couples or Family).

It’s your data … take control of it .

Securely organize, find & share - to make things easier and save time & money.

A dashboard plus 13 templates makes it easy to get started

  • Personal details template

    Yours, spouses & other family members details

  • Properties

    Residence, holiday house, apartment or investment properties ...

  • Vehicles

    Car, motorbike, truck ...

  • ID & Licenses

    Passport, Driving license, Boat license, Fishing license, Motorcycle license, Shooting license ...

  • Assets / Valuables

    Coin collection, Rolex, HiFi System, Plasma TV, Diamond ring ...

  • Memories

    A special holiday, the laughter of your children, the photo of your grand parents ...

  • Memberships

    Frequent flyer, golf membership ...

  • Passwords

    Secure central place for all you online banking, social media and other password or login details

  • Heirlooms

    Any special and valuable things you want to leave to your children ...

  • Certificates

    Any degrees, certificates or diplomas ...

  • Holidays

    Cruise, skiing or sightseeing holiday - plan and organize it in one central place

  • Goals

    That special thing you want to achieve ...

  • Pets

    Cat, dog, horse - store everything about your pet in one central place.

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