Estate Planner – Leave a Legacy not a Ledger

Securely store and organize your life’s footprint in OneNote

So everything can be quickly and easily visualized, found and managed by yourself and by your loved ones.

The best of all is that by simply sharing it with your beneficiaries and/or executors you can be certain that there is no hide and seek for your loved ones after you die. Everything is in one central place and is securely accessible – from anywhere, anytime and from any device … so perfect if your those individuals aren’t still living near you to access your hard copy paperwork.

Your life’s footprint at a glance

Our template helps organize your affairs in an tried, tested and proven way. We’ve done a lot of the hard work for you in getting structure so you don’t forget anything. Now all you have to do is fill it with your information.

Your data. Your control. Your way.

Five Sections with 50+ templates makes it easy to get your life’s footprint sorted for your loved ones.

  • Family (13 Templates)

  • Health (6 Templates)

  • Finance (8 Templates)

  • Insurance (6 Templates)

  • Legal (5 Templates)


    • Make your wishes known & provide for those you choose
    • Protect your children & reduce inheritance tax
    • Protect your estate from being contested
    • Peace of mind

Security & Data Integrity

Knowing that your data is in the  the right place with the right privacy, legal protection, encryption & jurisdiction nowadays is more important than ever!

Read here about how your data is safeguarded by the Microsoft Office 365 framework.

Pricing everyone can afford

Choose your edition

    • Purchase is once off … yours to keep forever!
    • World-class support included
    • Your data. Your control … giving you peace of mind

Single User

Create a Estate Planner notebook for yourself.


Create a Estate Planner notebook for yourself and your spouse.


Create a Estate Planner notebook for yourself and all your family members (up to five).

What People Say

I have been using OneNote for years but never thought I could use it to organize all my stuff. The best 50 Dollars I’ve spent In a long while.  Thanks Auscomp.



Thanks for all your help, its great to have a company that’s so quick to respond.



Was after a tool which was easy to use for peace of mind … especially for an old fart like me!

Secure access for beneficiaries and executors anywhere, anytime and from any device

Only $49.95 for peace of mind!

Bundle & Save

Mega Bundle

20 Templates with a value of $250+ Save weeks of work & get the whole hog for a bargain!

Instant delivery. Purchases are once off and include support. Yours to keep forever!

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