Client Portal powered by OneNote

A secure cloud based client portal

Give private 24/7 access to your client so they can download or review information you need to provide to them (e.g.: Invoices, Quotes and any other documents or communications etc …).

You can also work and collaborate on projects, ideas and ventures with your clients securely.

Quick, safe, secure & efficient

Stop sending documents by unsecured email – use a secure online portal instead.

Three reasons why you should use a client portal:

  1. Increase your productivity
    Automating and streamlining business processes for your clients can increase your bottom dollar.
  2. Improve customer loyalty
    Making timely, accurate information available to your clients and being seen to be responsive makes it more likely that you will retain the client’s business.
  3. Increase responsiveness
    Granting 24/7 access to documents and information for clients improves flexibility and responsiveness for you and your customers.

Client Portal Features

  • Client details

  • Invoices

  • Projects

  • Messages

  • Quotes & Estimates

  • Documents

Pricing everyone can afford

Select your version

Purchase is once off … yours to keep forever! World-class support included.

If you use OneNote 2010, 2013 or 2016 for Windows you are good to go! Otherwise it’s easy just use the Online Importer. – Click here for installation instruction.

It’s easy to setup & deploy.

Who is it for?

Any freelancer, sole-trader or small business who wants to improve their customer service and support.

All information securely accessed by clients, anywhere, anytime and on any device.


      • Secure 24/7 access
      • Far better security than email
      • Easy to use
      • Cost effective
      • Easily share & collaborate

What People Say

We use OneNote for all our projects, this gives us a standardized portal for all our clients.

CRM’s are an overkill for me with less than 20 clients. This is the perfect solution – Thanks

Your secure cloud based client portal

Improve Customer Loyalty & Increase Responsiveness

Client Portal – Highlights

Easy steps to get you started

Detailed instructions to make sure you benefit fast.

Quick & simple for your clients

Benefits and usage are well explained.

Client details always up-to-date

The client can update their own details.

Deliver quotes & get paid more quickly

No need to change how you create your invoices, quotes & estimates just drag & drop them into your client portal instead of emailing them.

Quick & safe communication

Messages in one central place. You can even store emails.

Deliver documents & files without sending them via unsecured email

Manage, share any files & documents.

More efficient collaboration on projects

Who does what, when and where. Keep everyone in the loop.

Your secure cloud based client portal

Improve Customer Loyalty & Increase Responsiveness

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The Modern Workplace powered by OneNote

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