Project Management powered by OneNote

Unleash the power of OneNote for your Projects

OneNote is the ideal platform for project management with it’s collaboration feature. Use this template to manage projects of all types and sizes. You can even create Outlook tasks and store emails with your project.

Version 5 now includes a One Pager Business Plan template … more templates, more value, same low price.


Be in Control of the Project from the Start

Manage everything from large ventures to private projects

All major phases of a project covered

Project Management Notebook includes the following templates:

  • Project Executive Summary

  • Project Proposal

  • Project Template

  • Project Status Report

  • Project Risk Management

  • One Pager Business Plan (New in V5)

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Project Charter

  • Project Schedule

  • Project Example

  • Project Closure

  • Strategic Planning

  • Project Time Line

  • Project Meeting Minutes

  • Project Issue Management

  • Project Post-Mortem

Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control & Close - Anytime & Anywhere

Yes, you can install our Projects templates
in the OneNote tab in
Microsoft Teams.

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    • Better chance of getting the desired result
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Prioritize your resources and be more efficient and productive
    • Be in control of the project from the start
    • Stay on top of schedule and costs
    • Keep all stakeholders in the loop
    • Gain competitive advantage
    • Save time and money

What People Say



Use it for web development projects – My clients love it!


IT Manager

As a small firm we use OneNote for all IT related projects – it keeps our team of 5 on the same page and we get the job done 🙂


Project Manager

Are you kidding me? We got our $80 ROI as soon we used it within our team!!

Be In Control of the Project from the Start

Version 5 - More templates, more value, same low price!

Project Management – Preview

All your projects at a glance

Project Dashboard

Manage all projects from one central place. Never hunt again for any information related to your projects.

Screenshots of dashboard shown in OneNote Online and OneNote 2016

See how its done

Project Example

An example of how to use the project management template.

Quickly create new projects

Project Templates

Create new projects using the “Standard” template for normal projects or the “Ultimate” for more involved ones.

Easily summarize the key points of your project

Executive Summary

A one-page document that summarizes the purpose, goals, and approach of your project.

Be more convincing

Project Proposal

The project proposal is used to convince sponsors, stakeholders and/or clients that a project needs to be carried out to either solve a particular business problem, or take advantage of certain opportunities.

Better define your projects objectives, goals & scope

Project Charter

The project charter or project definition document clearly defines the objectives, scope, goals, stakeholders and teams involved.

Detail what work will be performed by whom & when

Project Schedule

Detailed list of assigned tasks their start,  end date and status.

Keep everyone in the loop

Project Status Report

The project status report is used to update the project team, sponsors or stakeholders on how the project is progressing.

Weekly visualization of all tasks

Project Time Line

A timeline helps you visualize complex information in an easy-to-understand way, especially when you need to share status with external stakeholders (eg: clients …).

Standardize all meeting agendas

Project Meeting Minutes

Project meetings should be held periodically so you can keep track of the project status, to discuss any issues that have arisen, and make decisions when needed. The template helps you to set the agenda for these meetings.

Plan your projects strategically

S.W.O.T. Analysis

Use this SWOT matrix as a strategic planning technique to help you to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your business or a project.

Create your perfect strategy

Strategic Planning

Use this template & guide to define your vision, mission, values, goals & strategy details.

Identify risks early in your projects

Risk Management

Assess and manage risks in a pro-active manner to minimize the impact of threats.

Show positive results

Issue Management

Deal with and keep track of any issues as they occur.

Assess the success of your project

Project Closure

The project closure report assesses the success of the project and lessons learned.

See what worked and what not

Project Post-Mortem

Analyze the elements of the project that were successful or unsuccessful.

A Business Plan is Key to Success

Here is a One Pager Business Plan template (New in V5)

A quick and easy way to plan your business idea for a set period of time. Outline your goals and explain how you are going to achieve them.

Be In Control of the Project from the Start

Version 5 - More templates, more value, same low price!

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