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Empowering Insights Through AI-Driven Imagery
A Guide & Templates to Visualize the Future

Using OneNote alongside your Image AI projects (Bing Image Create, Midjourney or DALL-E etc …), can play a pivotal role in enhancing your projects. By using these guides, power tips & templates you can seamlessly gather, organize, and annotate information related to your Image AI endeavors.

By integrating text, images, drawings, and other multimedia elements, this Image AI template for OneNote helps you create a comprehensive knowledge repository that’s easily and quickly accessible across all devices.

Best of all it’s free with our Lifetime All Access Pass!

Structure Meets Vision: OneNote Templates for Streamlined Image AI Progress

OneNote Image AI +  bonus Calendars & Planners
Incl.: Practical Use Cases, Guides, How to, Power Tips & Tricks, Examples & Templates for Bing Image Create, Midjourney or DALL-E

PRO Booster Business
9 Notebooks with 100+ Templates & Guides

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Unlock Endless Imagination: OneNote Templates for Efficient Image AI Advancement

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  • OneNote Pass – Instant Access with support included.
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OneNote Image AI includes …

  • Getting Started

    Step 1 – Readme

  • Guides, How to, Tips & Tricks & Examples

    List of Best Image Generators
    Why use OneNote with an Image Generator?
    Guide – How to use ChatGPT
    Tips & Tricks
    Companies leveraging Image AI
    Image AI Examples
    Get started with Templates

  • Practical Use Cases

    By exploring these practical examples (for Business, Professionals, Education & Private Life), users can better grasp the full range of possibilities that Image AI offers and adapt these use cases to their specific needs.

  • Templates & myImageAI Section

    Bing Image Creator – Prompt Format
    50 Style Prompt Ideas
    Image Quality Setting Prompts
    6 Image AI Templates to get you started quickly

  • Resources Section

    Section for storing resources such as articles, research papers, and industry news

  • Ideas Section

    Section for jotting down ideas for conversation topics

  • Projects

    Section for all your Projects & Tasks
    Incl. 2 Project templates


  • Templates are distributed in easy to install OneNote Notebooks and instantly delivered via email. 
  • The notebook structure can be customized to fit the specific needs of any user and their work environment.

Bonus collection of 32 ready made planners & calendars

  • Daily Planners
  • Expenses @ a Glance
  • Birthdays @ a Glance
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Bills Organizer
  • Weekly Editable
  • Weekly Time
  • Weekly Chores & Responsibilities
  • Weekly Chores for Kids
  • Daily Time
  • Organize Your Day Planner
  • One Day At A Time Planners
  • 4 Weekly Planners


This opens a complete new world!

Getting ideas for packaging was never as easy.

I started generating Artwork for my clients … and they LOVE IT!

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