Productivity Maximizer for OneNote

Maximize Time and Achieve More

We created a collection of tools, planners and methodologies you can use in OneNote which will help you to achieve all your tasks, goals, jobs and projects in a timely manner.

Productivity is never an accident.

It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and consistent effort.

Words by Paul J Meyer

We agree and have added “Technology”.

Take your efficiency to the next level with the right tools & methodologies

Productivity Maximizer Notebook includes the following templates:

  • Start - Stop - Continue

  • Brainstorm Worksheet

  • Overall Goal Tracker

  • Eisenhower Matrix

  • Procrastination Management

  • Long Term Planner

  • Short Term Goals Planner

  • Financial Goals Planner

  • Fun Goals

    • Bucket List
    • Things To-Do
    • Books to Read
    • Movies or TV Shows to Watch
    • Places to Visit
    • Vacations
  • Ideas Planner

Improve your productivity, anywhere, anytime and on any device.


      • Better organized
      • Less stressed
      • Greater control and oversight
      • Better balance of work-life
      • Less time constraint
      • More efficient and productive

What People Say



Love it. Love it. Love it!



Eisenhower matrix and procrastination management have helped me achieve so much more … thank you!

Achieve more in less time!

Great value $9.95 plus Bonus Calendars

Productivity Maximizer – Preview

See what is working & whats not

The Start-Stop-Continue technique is an easy and quick way to find out what should, could or would work.
It’s a simple metric to help you identify where to spend your time (New in PRO V2).

Screenshots  show OneNote 2016 and OneNote Online.

Get back on track with the right priorities

The Eisenhower method helps you to organize tasks in order of priorities.
“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important”

Innovate by capturing & developing new ideas

This brainstorm worksheet lets you capture, develop & prioritize multiple ideas around a topic.

Turn procrastination into achievements

Getting a status overview on various important aspects of your life will give you a much clearer picture of those areas needing attention so you can work on changing up those tasks from procrastination to achievement.

Convert ideas into reality

Use the Ideas Planner template to plan your idea/project by listing & assigning steps.

Have more fun & be more creative by setting goals

Use this section for all your

  • Fun Goals
    Bucket List, Things to do, Books to read, Places to visit, Concerts/Shows to see, Movies to see & Friends to re-connect
  • Long Term Goals Planner
  • Short Term Goals Planner
  • Financial & Overall Goal Tracker

Achieve more in less time!

Great value $9.95 plus Bonus Calendars

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