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Maximize Time and Achieve More

We created a collection of tools, to-do lists, planners and methodologies you can use in OneNote which will help you to achieve all your tasks, goals, jobs and projects in a timely manner.

Version 4 now includes “Last Year Recap” – more templates, more value same low price!.

Best of all it’s free with our Lifetime All Access Pass!

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Productivity Maximizer

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Take your efficiency to the next level with the right tools & methodologies

Productivity Maximizer for OneNote is easy to install and includes the following:

  • Start - Stop - Continue

    Template to see what is working and what’s not

  • New Year Resolutions

    Accomplish a healthier and happier life

  • Last Year Recap (New V4)

    Template to recap the best parts of last year and what should be done again

  • Brainstorm Worksheet

    Innovate by capturing and developing new ideas

  • Overall Goal Tracker

    Template to define your 1-3 months, 6-12 months and 1-3 years goals

  • Procrastination Management

    Turn procrastination into achievements

  • Long Term Planner

    Define your goals month by month, mid and end of year

  • Short Term Goals Planner

    Template to define your short term goals and keep track of them

  • Financial Goals Planner

    A plan for your money

  • Eisenhower Matrix

    Get back on track with the right priorities

  • Fun Goals

    • Bucket List
    • Things To-Do
    • Books to Read
    • Movies or TV Shows to Watch
    • Places to Visit
    • Vacations
  • Ideas Planner

    Convert ideas into reality



Love it. Love it. Love it!



Eisenhower matrix and procrastination management have helped me achieve so much more … thank you!

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      • Better organized
      • Less stressed
      • Greater control and oversight
      • Better balance of work-life
      • Less time constraint
      • More efficient and productive

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