DIY Projects

10 Templates to organize & plan your do-it-yourself projects in OneNote

Productivity Maximizer

Collection of tools, to-do lists & methodology to maximize time and achieve more!

Education Pack

Collection of Educational Templates, Highlighters, Speech Bubbles & 300Stickers. Lesson Plans, Cornell Templates, Exit Tickets, SMART Templates, Rose-Thorne-Bud, KWL Charts, Venn Diagrams …  

myLIFE at a Glance


Empower your team! Everything a team needs to improve collaboration & productivity. Work at home. Work anywhere …

Vacation Organizer for OneNote


Knowledge is power! Easily create your own personal encyclopedia powered by OneNote using these templates & how to …

Professional Development

Professional development is a lifelong process. These OneNote templates will help you to improve on your weaknesses and further develop your strengths …

Project Management

Unleash the power of OneNote for your projects! OneNote is the ideal platform for project management …

GTD for Home

Stop Starting … Start Finishing! Manage your time & be more productive with GTD for OneNote … Plus Bonus 34 Planners & Calendars.

Calendars & Planners

Collection of 34 ready-made Planners & Calendars.

KanBan PRO + Calendars & Planners

Visualize your tasks, to-do’s and projects in OneNote … Plus Bonus 34 Planners & Calendars.

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