Moving OneNote notebook from one OneDrive account to another

Please follow link below to see how you can move a notebook from one account to another including from a personal to a business account using OneNote 2016 on Windows 7 or 10.

Move a notebook between a OneDrive “personal” account and one associated with a school/university or business on a Mac:

  1. Open the notebook you want to move in the OneNote Mac application
  2. Create a new notebook in the school or business account with the OneNote web interface:
  3. Open the new notebook with the OneNote Mac application
  4. On the Mac, for each section of the old notebook, select Notebook > Move Section to… and choose the new notebook.
  5. Sync and close both notebooks (the old one will be empty, the new one has the contents of the old one).
  6. From the old account’s OneDrive web interface, you can delete the old empty notebook

Note: If possible use two different web browsers to stay logged into the two OneDrive accounts simultaneously (You may also try to open two private browser windows if you only have one web browser).

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