Online Import is not working (Mac and Windows)

If the import process begins but then appears not to finish (Spinning wheel never stops):

  • You are not signed into a Personal OneDrive account – See below “Online Import” for more information.
  • or you using a Mac with Safari as browser (Some version have issues). To solve it install the Chrome browser and import again.
  • or your OneDrive account might be low on available space. Manually delete any unnecessary files from your OneDrive storage (including any failed notebook uploads) and then try importing the notebook folder again.

Online Import

Exporting and importing notebooks through OneNote for the web works only for notebooks stored on Personal OneDrive accounts. Sign up for a free personal OneDrive account as shown here. Then use this account to import each notebook into your personal account using the online importer.

Later on you can move the notebook or sections between accounts (see here how) or use OneNote with multiple accounts (see here how).


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