OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are the most frequently used shortcuts for OneNote

Windows Desktop

Open a new OneNote window.

Create a Quick Note.Ctrl+Shift+M

Windows logo key+Alt+N

Dock the OneNote window.Ctrl+Alt+D
Move one word to the left.Ctrl+Left arrow key
Move one word to the right.Ctrl+Right arrow key
Delete one word to the left.Ctrl+Backspace
Delete one word to the right.Ctrl+Delete
Insert a line break without starting a new paragraph.Shift+Enter
Check spelling.F7
Open the thesaurus for the currently selected word.Shift+F7
Display the context menu for the currently focused object.Shift+F10
Perform the action suggested on the Information Bar when it appears at the top of a page.Ctrl+Shift+W
Play the selected audio recording.Ctrl+Alt+P
Stop audio recording playback.Ctrl+Alt+S
Skip the current audio recording backward by 10 seconds.Ctrl+Alt+Y
Skip the current audio recording forward by 10 seconds.Ctrl+Alt+U

Windows 10 App

Put the focus on the current section.

Open the context menu.Shift+F10
Add a new page at the end of the selected section.Ctrl+N
Open a notebook.Ctrl+O
Switch to a different notebook on the Navigation bar.Ctrl+G, then press the Down or Up arrow key to select a different notebook, and then press Enter
Create a new section.Ctrl+T
Create a new page below the current page tab on the same level.Ctrl+Alt+N
Create a new sub-page below the current page.Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N
Enable or disable the full page view.F11
Put the focus on the current page tab.Ctrl+Alt+G
Move or copy the current page.Ctrl+Alt+M
Select the current page.Ctrl+Shift+A
Jump to and select the page title.Ctrl+Shift+T
Open a search box to search all currently open notebooks.Ctrl+E

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