Microsoft 365 Business Account Users – Import Instructions

1 . Online Import Into a Microsoft Personal Account

If you don’t have one then sign up for a free personal OneDrive account as shown here.

Then use this account to import each notebook into your personal account using the online importer.

1. Extract the Zip File into a directory on your hard disk (Windows or Mac).
2. In any modern Web browser, go to the OneNote Notebook Importer.

3. On the screen that opens, click Import.
4. On your computer, navigate to the location of your notebook folder (see Step 1), click to select it, and then click Open to import it.

2 . In order to use the templates with your Microsoft 365 Business Account:

  1. SHARE:
    Install the templates/notebook into your personal account as per instructions above, then go to your personal account OneDrive, and share it with your Business Account (May not works always).
  1. or BOTH:
    Alternatively, install the templates/notebook into your Personal Account as per instructions, then sign into both your Personal and Business Accounts. You can now access the templates from your Personal Account, and your other business notebooks from your Business Account.
  1. or COPY OR MOVE:
    If you want to move the templates/notebook into your Business Account. Then follow step 2 so you’re signed into both your Personal and Business Accounts in your OneNote. Then open the notebook from your Personal Account, create a new notebook under your Business Account and copy each section from the notebook over to the new notebook.

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