Get Things Done – Stop Starting … Start Finishing

Manage your time & be more productive with GTD for OneNote

The pro version includes templates & guides for weekly reviews like clean & catch up, brain dumps & triggers so you can reflect on your progress. The package also has templates for fun & financial as well as short & long term goals. So you can prioritize your tasks and Get Things Done (GTD).

Best of all it’s free with our Lifetime All Access Pass!

Get Things Done PRO if you want to do more

Discover the Simplicity of Stress-Free Productivity

Keep track of ongoing goals related to finance, health, work, sport & family

Be more productive with weekly reviews

Set a routine to dedicate time every week using these templates & guides to:

  • Clean & Catch Up
  • Brain Dump & Triggers
  • Review & Reflect

Easily manage projects (Using the predefined template)

Also Includes – Cornell Note Taking Templates

5 templates to record, organize and use the notes when you do research or learning.

Bonus collection of 32 ready made planners & calendars

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Bonus – RRP $15.95


  • Daily Planners
  • Expenses @ a Glance
  • Birthdays @ a Glance
  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • Recurring Expenses
  • Bills Organizer
  • Weekly Editable
  • Weekly Time
  • Weekly Chores & Responsibilities
  • Weekly Chores for Kids
  • Daily Time
  • Organize Your Day Planner
  • One Day At A Time Planners
  • 4 Weekly Planners

Discover the Simplicity of Stress-Free Productivity

Get Things Done PRO - Incl. Bonus Planners & Calendars

Stop Starting and Start Finishing!

Get Things Done for OneNote is easy to install and includes the following:

  • Get Started

    Step by step guide to get you up and running

  • This Week

    Weekly template for your goals and tasks

  • Ongoing Tasks & Goals

    Your tasks for your finance, sport, work, family and health goals organized

  • Project Template

    Link your tasks to your projects using this predefined template

  • Weekly Review - Clean & Catch Up

    A good weekly review is vital to be more productive. Start with the house cleaning template

  • Weekly Review - Brain Dump & Triggers

    Template to jot down anything related to Home & Family, Upcoming Events & Meetings, Errands, Hobbies & Fun, Health & Wellbeeing and your Bucket List

  • Weekly Review - Review & Reflect

    What went well? What could be adjusted? What you should stop, continuing or start doing

  • Cornell Note Taking (New in V4)

    A method of recording, organizing and using the notes you take when you do research or learning.


  • Templates are distributed in easy to install OneNote Notebooks and instantly delivered via email. 
  • The notebook structure can be customized to fit the specific needs of any user and their work environment.


Heard a lot about GTD. This template got me going in a flash … thank’s Auscomp.


HR Manager

KanBan plus GTD for just $18.95 … what a great, helpful combination.

The weekly review helps me stay on top of everything. Quick simple and easy.



Bought it … no excuses anymore not to finish what I have started.


Office Admin

Always wanted to do a bucket list! Now I have one and started also on Friends to re-connect & Books to read .

Get Things Done. Anywhere, anytime and on any device.


    • Less Stress
    • Feel of Being in Control
    • Gives Freedom of Choice
    • Making & Keeping Commitments
    • Empowerment & Focus
    • Better Organization
    • More Productivity
    • Tracking of Goals
    • Improves Creativity

PRO Booster Home – Package

5 Notebooks with 50+ Templates

Instant delivery. Purchases are once off and include support. Yours to keep forever!

Mega Bundle

23 Notebooks with 100s of Templates

Instant delivery. Purchases are once off and include support. Yours to keep forever!

PRO Booster Business – Package

7 Notebooks with 70+ Templates

Instant delivery. Purchases are once off and include support. Yours to keep forever! All prices are in USD.Licenses are for 1 user if not otherwise stated. Need more users? Volume licensing for non-profit, education, government and for enterprise.

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