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Empower your team with everything they need to enhance collaboration and boost productivity, whether working from home or anywhere in the world.

Experience the innovative features of Version 8, which now includes a guide on how to transform your MS Teams video calls into a fully searchable experience. Stay connected and organized with our comprehensive solutions.

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Teams powered by OneNote

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  • Templates are distributed in OneNote notebooks and instant delivered via email.
  • Licenses are for the specified amount of users across all devices supported by OneNote. 

Teams for OneNote is easy to install and includes the following:

  • Get Started

    • Step by step guide
  • Team Hub

    • Dashboard
    • Annual One Page Plan
    • News & Events
    • OKR
    • Meetings
    • Retrospective
    • Decision
    • Team Members Development Plans
    • Team Workshop Planner
  • Wiki

    • Get Started
    • Template
    • Example
    • OneNote How To, FAQ & Tips
  • Meetings

    • Overview
    • Virtual Meeting
    • Video Calls Transcript (New in V8)
    • Formal Meetings
    • Agenda
    • Daily Check-in
    • Daily Stand-up
    • Example
    • Archive
  • Documents

    • Library Overview
    • Corporate Documents
    • Finance
    • Legal
    • HR
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Forms
    • Handbooks & Manuals
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Archive
  • Projects

    • Template
    • Get Started
    • Example
    • Schedule
    • Status Report
    • Meeting Minutes
    • SWOT
  • Tasks

    • Team To-List
    • Team Member To-List
    • Team Members To-List
  • Ideas & Suggestions

    • Get Started
    • Template
    • Hit List (Ideas that made a difference)


  • Templates are distributed in easy to install OneNote Notebooks and instantly delivered via email. 
  • The notebook structure can be customized to fit the specific needs of any user and their work environment.

All Included Templates Preview

Team Hub: Dashboard

Keep work visually organized.

Get Started

Simple steps to get you up and running fast.

Video Calls: Transcript

All you need to turn MS Teams video calls into a fully searchable experience.
Read more here …

Annual One Page Plan

Make sure your company direction is clear to your team with a template to rally your team around your goals.

News & Events

Central “go to” place for all the latest news and upcoming events

Objectives & Key Results

OKR template for goal setting to measure your progress to success.

Functional team meetings

This template enables you to standardize meeting notes and agendas to make the most of meetings and stay on track.

Daily Stand-Up & Check-in Meetings

Use this two templates to organize & coordinate daily meetings so your team works more effectively together.

Measure what’s retrospectively working and what’s not

Create retrospectives with this template. Using the Stop Start Continue technique you can easily and quickly find out what worked and what’s not.

Make informed decisions

Template to create one pagers with all the information needed to make informed decisions as a team.

Be in control of all your team’s projects

Get started instructions, example project and blank project template.

Templates for project schedules, status reports, meeting minutes and SWOT analysis.

Get things done today and set your priorities for the week

To-do list templates for the team and all team members

Standardize & centralize meetings, notes & agendas

Overview, archive and example. Templates for formal meetings and agendas.

Harness the power of an idea & suggestions box

Ideas and Suggestion Box for your Team

Collect ideas and suggestions quickly and easily.

Let your Team Drive Innovation

Real time feedback and commenting on ideas.

Knowledge is power

Team Wiki

Harness the power of your own centralized team Wiki.

Create and collaborate

An information collection hub for information relevant for you and your team.

Find any document with the click of a button

Team Document Management

Corporate, financial, legal, human resources, policies, procedures, forms, manuals, handbooks, marketing documents and sales reports.

Categorized, indexed and centralized

Harness OneNote’s powerfull search to find documents with ease.

Develop your team to reach your goals faster

Team Member Development Plan

Take charge of your teams professional development

Identify and develop team members professional skills

Achieve your teams potential and reach your team goals

Learn, plan and innovate

Workshop Planner

Use this template to create productive workshops ahead of time that inspire creativity and maximize outcomes.

Collaborate anytime anywhere

Virtual Team Meeting (New in V4)

Unlock the benefits of regular remote meetings and boost team morale with our “Virtual Team Meeting” template.



All the information the team needs, securely accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Yes, you can install our
Teams templates
in the OneNote tab in
Microsoft Teams.

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    • Better chance of getting the desired result
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Prioritize your resources and be more efficient and productive
    • Be in control of the project from the start
    • Stay on top of schedule and costs
    • Keep all stakeholders in the loop
    • Gain competitive advantage
    • Save time and money

Security & Data Integrity

Knowing that your data is in the right place with the right privacy, legal protection, encryption and jurisdiction nowadays is more important than ever!

Read here about how your data is safeguarded by the Microsoft Office 365 framework.

Comments & Feedback

We could see a big increase in the teams knowledge sharing, which resulted in more productivity.

We use OneNote for all projects. Now with Teams for OneNote we have a much better structure which enhanced collaboration .

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8 Notebooks with 90+ Templates

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Cheat Sheets

1 Year All Access for:


Billed once per year until cancelled

Instant delivery. Purchases are once off and include support. Yours to keep forever! All prices are in USD.Licenses are for 1 user if not otherwise stated. Need more users? Volume licensing for non-profit, education, government and for enterprise.

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