How to use OneNote to easily accomplish your goals

OneNote can really help you to get organized so you can achieve your goals.

Whatever methodology you are going to use – it’s easy to setup in OneNote

  • Simple, short and longer term goals
  • New year’s resolutions,  fitness planners and fun goals
  • Eisenhower matrix and procrastination management
  • Smart goals and getting things done (GTD)

Yes, you name it and you can organize it easily in OneNote!

Let’s get started.

  1. Create a new notebook and call it “My Goals” … or whatever you want to name it.  You can also use an existing notebook if you prefer and just create a new section called “My Goals”.

2. Create a section and call it for example, “My Goals”

3. Then create a page and jot down each of the things you wish to achieve – like “Fun Goals” for example.

4. Now insert a table and create “To-Do” lists with a description. You can also create more columns with additional information like the date and associated costs for example.

Note: The screenshot below is the Fun Goals Template from our Productivity Maximizer notebook. It gives you the idea on how you can organize a page with many different goals.

Now all you need to do is to actually do them and easily keep track by ticking them off as you go!

Just wait to see how empowering and satisfying that can be! 

There so many ways to plan and organize tasks to achieve your goals not to mention all the methodologies like Smart Goals or Getting Things Done. We have created several notebooks which includes all the common planners and methodologies there are – you can review them on the right hand side of this post. They will make you more productive and save you lot’s of time.

Templates to achieve your goals

We have created templates for every goal and methodology

Productivity Maximizer Notebook includes the following templates:

  • Start – Stop – Continue
  • New Year Resolution
  • Goal Tracker
  • Procrastination Management
  • Fun Goals (Bucket list, Places to visit …)
  • Long & Short Term Goals
  • Financial Goal Planner
  • Eisenhower Matrix

Review here …

Get Things Done Notebook includes the following templates:

  • Weekly Reviews
  • Clean up & Catch Up
  • Brain Dump & Triggers
  • Review & Reflect

Review here …

KanBan Notebook includes the following templates:

  • KanBan Board
  • Smart Goals

Review here …

All of these templates are also included in our OneNote Booster packages which will give you big savings – including an additional 20% discount (see below).

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