6 Reasons why you should use OneNote at Work

If you’re already using Microsoft 365 for work then it’s definitely worth taking advantage of OneNote.

It’s way more than just a note-taking app. Used correctly OneNote can be an incredibly valuable tool for collaboration, managing projects and tracking your tasks.

Here are 6 practical reasons why you should use OneNote for work:

1. Real-time collaboration with shared notebooks

Sharing your project notebooks with your team invites real-time collaboration.

Shared notebooks make it easy for the team to keep track of deadlines, milestone dates and other important information. Add notes about what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and attach shared files as needed.

As the host, you can control editing privileges and change them on the fly, avoiding any unexpected edits.

You can even create checklists and assign duties for each step in the project so everyone knows exactly what’s required of them.

2. Take notes in meetings

Taking notes in meetings is common practice, sure.

But using OneNote allows you to quickly take notes and store your memos in one centralized location. And everyone on your team can access it at any time.

From there you can easily create agendas so everyone knows the next course of action – and assign individual duties.

3. You can implement time management and productivity tools

Templates like KanBan or GTD are essential productivity tools to help you manage your work more efficiently.

Used in conjunction with OneNote, these templates helps you quickly capture and organize your thoughts, projects and tasks.

Of course, We have created templates that make it easy to get started for you.

4. Create Wiki’s

Knowledge is power.

OneNote’s insane note-taking capabilities make it the perfect application for collecting, organising and sharing information.

Utilising the powerful search and tag functions you can quickly link data and find it at a moments notice. And compile all your

knowledge into your own personal wikipedia.

To start your first Wiki, we have created a template that you can review on the right-hand side of the page.

5. Manage your projects

Easy collaboration and effective information storage make OneNote an ideal (free) project management tool.

We found 8 powerful ways to manage your projects effectively with OneNote.

6. Take quick notes

Quick notes (Here is an article more in detail) allow you to jot something down before you forget it. Could be a thought, an idea or a task.

The idea is to write it out without having to think about where to store it.

Later, you can go back and file it in exactly the right place so you always stay organised.

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